Affenpinshcer, German small dog breed

Affenpinshcer, German small dog breed

Affenpinscher is a German originated breed and has many characteristics that small dogs possess. It comes in colors like gray, black and tan, fawn, gray and tan and red. Its feet and chest are commonly seen in white color, but other colors can appear. The Affenpinscher is a very curious alert and bold dog, very playful and with high energy levels. These dogs loves attention from its loved ones, sometimes if not trained well it does not behave well with strangers. As mentioned, like most small dog breeds, these dogs do not realize of their size, the Affenpinshcer is known by some people as a “Rottweiler wannabe”.

affenpinscher Puppy - the small dog breeds

affenpinscher Puppy – the small dog breeds

If you are planning to get one of these dogs, there are some things you should have crystal clear in your “dog caring book”. These are fearless dogs that do not back down if they are confronted, by other dogs nor humans, so you should keep an eye on your dog when going to the street for a walk, because it can start a fight with another street dog and things may not end well. Your dog could get injured or the other dog could, both unwanted by most people. You should train him to obey you, this can be easy for they are very loyal dogs to their owners/family. When meeting strangers this breed is very cautious and takes its time to be more comfortable around them, a very intelligent thing to do if you ask me, so it waits until it gets to know you. Hair loss is light in this breed so your house will not be full of hair in a period of 2 days like with other dogs, a characteristic that makes a lot of people do not want to get dogs in their home.

The small dog breeds

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