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One of the most enjoyable activities and increasingly with followers and participants are agiliy competitions.
This is an activity that has spread to many countries and has hundreds of competences annually.
One factor that has made these competitions so famous is that the dog should not be bred, it is enough to have good training to meet the requirements of the circuit.

Maderplay company jump obstacle

Maderplay company jump obstacle

Let’s see what this competition is based

The basics

It establishes a circuit composed of a series of obstacles to jump, run into them, running over them etc. trying to do it in the shortest time possible and making the fewest mistakes.
But the most fun and challenging at the same time is that the dog performs the activities off leash, and the owner or trainer can not touch the dog or the obstacles. This means that he/she should guide the dog with only voice or gestures, which makes it difficult.

Moreover, the circuit is not previously known to the dog, the owner can only traverse once previously and plan how he/she will lead the dog to meet the requirements.

Consider also that the dog runs much faster than the owner, so it is important to optimize the position of the coach to point out the direction and task to perform, without loss of time.

Of course in these competitions dogs were grouped according to their size, normally in three categories. This allows dogs compete within their possibilities and obstacles that are appropriate to their height.

In our next article we will see in detail the type of obstacles that normally have these circuits and require much training.

The Small Dog Breeds

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