Agility, the faults

10 tests to pass

In our previous publication we saw the foundations of this competitions of agility that both public and participants attract.

This type of competition began just over 40 years, which is not much time for the current popularity.

As we saw in the previous publication, this requires a very intensive training given the difficulty of the obstacles and the time that must be met.
For this reason it is advisable not to begin training our dog before one year of age to not interfere with the normal growth, since some tests to be performed require significant effort.

The organizers set different circuits so that the skill required can not be practiced in the past, and therefore understanding between dog / trainer is very important and basic for the win.

jumping - image  from

jumping – image from

Each organization establishes the importance of each failure, but can be summarized in the following faults

  • On obstacles that require a jump, the displacement of the pannel or bar
  • For weave pole, to enter incorrectly or skipping poles or going back to correct a failure
  • There is a time established to complete the course, exceding this time is a fault
  • There are obstacles containing a contact zone, the failing of touching that zone is the fault
  • When obstacles are numbered in a sequence, this sequece order must be honored.
  • Refusal when approaching an obstacle
  • Runout of the corresponding obstacle
  • The coach (usually called the handler) touches an obstable or the dog
  • Trying to repeat an obstacle, the dog must successfully pass the obstacle in just one try
  • Behaviors out of planned, both for the handler and the dog.

If you want to go in deep with Agility you can read this Wikipedia article.

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