Akita, Japanese dog breed part III

Final thoughts on Akita’s Temperament and Health.


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The Akita was never bred to live or work in groups like many other dogs. Instead, they are more of a loner dog, a preference reflected today on almost all Akitas. Akitas tend to be dominant when interacting with other dogs, so you must be careful when your Akita is around other dogs or it’s going to be near other dogs, specially unfamiliar dogs and of the same gender,In particular, Akitas tend to be less tolerant of dogs of the same sex. This is why unless you have a really sociable dog, they’re not well suited to walk around without a leash. These are courageous,intelligent, fearless, docile, very affectionate and loving with its family and very cafeful dogs. So it needs it’s owner to be “the pack leader“, they need a firm, confident of what he’s doing and consistant owner. With soft owners and spoiled dogs, they may become aggressive to other animals or dogs. So have this in mind, if you don’t think you can be that pack leader I would recommend you other dog breed. If you feel confident that you can handle an Akita, then this is a wonderful breed and it will give you wonderful memories and experiences to remember.


on Akitas there is a condition that seem to be specific of this breeds and you should have in mind. One is Immune Sensitivity to drugs,vaccines, anesthetics and tranquilizers. So when new year’s coming and noises make your dog very nervous, keep this in mind before you give him any drug to tranquilize him.

Akita’s role on the past

Akita’s were used for hunting bears, wild boars and deers in Japan for many years. They would be used to flush out the bear and keep it at bay until the hunter could come and kill it, this reflects why they are strong heavy and courageous dogs at the present, the breed is used as a companion dog. However, this dogs are well fit to make it into dog competitions

Akita hunting boar the small dog breeds

Akita hunting boar the small dog breeds

Small dog breeds


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