Akita, Japanese dog breed

Akita, one of the most loyal dog breeds ever existed. in addition they are also really cute and loving.

Akita is a japan originated breed, they are really cute when growing. This kind of dog breeds are characterized by their extreme loyalty to their masters. There are lots of stories about these dogs doing amazing things for their masters you would not believe. If you’re interested you could read a bit about hachiko’s tale, who was really loyal to it’s owner even after the owner died, the dog waited for him everyday to come back. There’s also a movie about that.

these are strong dogs, used in the past for hunting, there are 2 breeds of Akita, the American Akita and  Japanese Akita also known as Akita Inu. One of the differences is that the American Akita comes in a variety of colors while the Japanese only consider Akita to those who has only selected colors and typical.


The American Akita breed is now considered a separate breed from the Japanese Akita. Akita’s are characterized for their strength. They are also independent and dominant breed, commonly affectionate with family members but not so much with strangers.They are intolerant of other dogs and require a knowledgeable and firm handler

Small dog breeds - Akita and puppy

Small dog breeds – Akita and puppy











the appearance of the Akita reflects cold weather adaptations essential to their original function, they present a bear-like head with erect, triangular ears. Their eyes are black and small. Their tails are carried over the top of the back. These are big dogs, when mature they are measured between 26-28 inches and weigh 100-130 lb. While American Akita’s colors are all allowed, the Japanese style Akitas, are restricted to red, fawn, sesame, brindle, pure white colors.


on the next post we will be discussing Temperament and Health.

Small dog breeds

Small dog breeds - akita puppy

Small dog breeds – akita puppy

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