American Eskimo, one of the best breeds of companion dogs

American Eskimo, one of the best breeds of companion dogs

The American Eskimo is a German originated dog breed, despite of what the name makes you think, this dog breed is traced back to Northern Europe and not Alaska. This is a breed of companion dogs, these dogs play really good the role of a watchdog. In addition, in the mid 30’s some of these dogs were used as a circus performers.

American Eskimo despite of most common breeds can present three different sizes maintaining the breed name, the standard American Eskimo, miniature and toy size.

If you don’t like dog’s that bark much, maybe this is not the best option for you, these dogs are quite vocal and like to bark at any strangers that comes near it’s “family”, this is expectable because of their background as a watchdog, they were originally bred to guard property and people. Despite these qualities mentioned before American Eskimo is not considered an aggressive dog breed.

A quite famous American Eskimo

In the year 1930 one dog became famous for walking in a tightrope, it’s name was Stout’s Pal Pierre, this dog ‘worked’ in a Circus that after each show, they sold puppies of this breed


If this is your first time having a dog, this breed is not recommended, since it needs a proper training for it to behave correctly. These are very smart dogs and very quick learners too, but sometimes they act in an aggressive or dominant way if you don’t train them well. Socializing your dog since puppy it’s very important too to avoid behaviors named before. Large amounts of daily exercise are required by this breed. If you have experience with dogs and decide to have an American Eskimo, don’t worry about your children, this breed is great with them, It’s a very friendly dog if socialized since puppy


Toy American Eskimo Puppy - the small dog breeds

Toy American Eskimo Puppy – the small dog breeds

The small dog breeds

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