American Hairless Terrier, no hair no mess.

American Hairless Terrier, no hair no mess.


The American hairless terrier is not a common dog to see on the streets but it sure has its advantages. This breed is somehow popular with allergy sufferers for its hairless property. This can also be a plus when you think about cleaning your house, forget about those balls of hairs on every corner of your house, this is a much ‘cleaner’ option than a more regular dog.

The American Hairless Terrier is very intelligent, alert and loving dog, they love to play at any time and it is very energetic, because of this is that it can be considered a good choice to play with your kids. He is also very loyal and cuddly. Most of the time he will try to make contact with you, this is a very affectionate and dependent breed, always wanting you to give him hugs.

American Hairless Terrier Puppy - the small dog breeds

American Hairless Terrier Puppy – the small dog breeds

The Hairless Terrier despite of all its loving characteristics is a very alert dog, and is deeply devoted to its family, in situations of danger he can be fearless, when it is about its family nothing will stop him, that is why he makes a good watchdog.

It is good for you and will make things easier in the future that you socialize your dog when he is still a puppy, that way when he reaches adulthood it will be more easy for him to accept visitors on your house and not be aggressive. If you are the visitor, you should give the dog some time to accept your presence and detect that you are not a menace to any of its family.

As was expected, no brushing is required.


The small dog breeds

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