An unexpected enemy, the chocolate

Chocolate and dogs

We have seen various articles here at The Small Dog Breeds,  in the need to provide adequate food to our pets and taking special care when they are puppies.

To do this there are in balanced meals the market , reliable brands with which we feed.

But we also know that in many cases the owners try to “reward” their pet with a meal that mostly liked to the owner. Nothing worse than this, and worse if we are on Easter and we are tempted to “invite” our dog with tasty easter eggs, that tradition imposes on these dates.

chocolate easter eggs

chocolate easter eggs

Well, no idea could be more harmful to our dog, since many people do not know that chocolate contains a component that is toxic, that means they are allergic, and can lead the dog to death.
In many cases you will not feed them this way, but if we neglect the place where we keep these Easter eggs,  you run the risk that your dog will be tempted to eat one with the terrible consequences this may have.
The effects produced by this component of chocolate usually appears within hours of eating.
Let us keep this in mind.
A true story on this topic can be found in the following article from the BBC

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