Basenji, the barkless dog

Basenji, the barkless dog

The Basenji is a very curious dog, most people know this breed because its inability to bark, but you should not think that because it will not bark it will be a completely silent dog, there are plenty of noises like howls and yodels that it makes.

The Basenji is characterized for being a really loving dog, it will stay always alert and protective of its family,  also intelligent and playful, this breed is originated in central Africa and it was used for hunting small animals.

basenji dog - the small dog breeds

basenji dog – the small dog breeds

These dogs are very energetic, they love to explore and run, so if you want to give them a happy life, I would recommend daily walks or go out and run with him. If you do not have much time to spend with your dog a good thing to do is to give them a chewing toy, so they can be entertained with that and not other things in your house you do not want damaged.

The Basenji is a social pet if you raise it in touch with other people when puppy, also a very good dog with children too. You can have one in an apartment but have in mind that it will require that you take him out several times in a day. There are breeds that lose a lot of hair and just make your house a mess, hair everywhere, This breed will not lose much hair, however, it is common to find hair in your house in periods of weeks if not cleaned.

The small dog breeds

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