Basis aspects when taking care of your Cocker Spaniel.

Basis aspects when taking care of your dog

The fact of having a dog breed with long hair, makes brushing and grooming something you must do, at least twice a week you should do these procedures to your dog. If you have more free time, the best thing to do, is doing it daily, to avoid knots and make your dog look really cute.

Also you should have in mind that, after bathing your dog, it’s essential that you brush and groom your dog.


The ears, something small but of big importance.

Like with every breed, one thing that you should know by now, is that cleaning your dog’s ears is really important, along with the haircut to avoid hair falling inside their ears and produce infections. . External Otitis is one of the problems that can be seen in a dog that It’s owner doesn’t take care properly. If your dog scratches its ears frequently or shakes it’s head a lot, those can be signs of an infection over the ears. It’s also common that when drinking water or eating they get their ears dirty, many times, when talking about ears people holds them back or up the dog’s head when feeding them to avoid contamination.

This breed is naturally orientated as a hunting dog, so daily exercise is advised for mental and physical health of your dog


Cocker Spaniel


The dog’s diet has to be done with balanced dog food, you can find them on the market, there are lots of different brands, and most of them are orientated of a certain type of dog, or a certain time of your dog life, like puppies, middle aged or old dogs.

It’s easy that the Cocker Spaniel gain weight, so you should take care of the amount of food given to him. You can also make him do exercise to stay fit.

A visit to the vet

Vaccine and removing parasites is mandatory as with every breed. You should not forget to take your dog to the vet with certain regularity. You can ask the vet to take a look at their ears too if you think your dog’s caught something.

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