The small dog breeds


Characteristics and origins.

The Beagle is a medium size dog, with a height between 12 and 16 inches. It’s origin is English and a long time ago it was a shorter breed than now. It’s aspect is of a nice, loving dog, but it’s a really compact dog, and has good musculature. Typically it was used to hunt bunnies, having a very developed sense of smell .


this breed is characterized by it’s long ears that falls to the sides and soft short hair. its nose is medium sized and with a flat aspect, of black color. The eyes of a Beagle are really dark color, good positioned.

It’s usual to see Beagles with 3 hair colors mixed, white in their feet and chest. black on the top and light brown on the rest of the body. Also, their black hair when passing time is normally turned from black to light brown until every black hair is changed.




The Beagle is a extroverted and joyful dog. This breed was found living in packs in their past, so it’s easily adapted to living with other dogs too, if you haven’t got any other dogs, then this breed of dog will be very close to it’s owner.

This is a really playful dog breed, it can adapt to living in the city as well as living in a field with a lot of space to run.

It’s not a really annoying dog when it comes to barking, usually they don’t bark much, however, we’ll always see them in a state of awareness all the time because of it’s origins.

Small dog breeds.

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