Cardigan Welsh Corgi a quick look from puppies to adulthood

Cardigan Welsh Corgi from puppy to mature Corgi.


As mentioned in older entries, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a separate breed from Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Cardigan aren’t as popular as Pembroke Welsh Corgis, this can be this way because of the royal family having lots of pembrokes, but Cardigans sure earned they place in a good,nice and wonderful dog to have list. They don’t need much of anything, they adapt their environment perfectly, they can live from apartments to farms, the only important thing you need to do with your Cardigan is to give them a large amount of daily exercise, mental and physical stimulation.

cardigan Welsh Corgis are very competent in lots of tasks, they usually compete in dog sports also known as dog agility trials, they are very obedient dogs

Cardigan welsh corgi puppy - thesmalldogbreeds

Cardigan welsh corgi puppy – thesmalldogbreeds

Description, physical aspect, behavior, relating to other people


they have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

The Cardigan shares some visual aspects with the pembrokes, they are both long and short dogs. But there are some main differences, like their ears, they have upright ears, and a long fox brush tail, not like Pembrokes (Bobbed tail). There’s not a common color for Cardigans, they can present colors like Shade of red, black, sable, brindle etc. It’s usually seen on them to have white on the neck, chest and legs. There can be variations on these color combinations. When thinking of size, they are usually 10.5 to 13 inches tall (260 to 315mm) and have a regular weight of 13 to 17 kg (30 to 38lb)


Cardigans are highly intelligent, active, athletic dogs. After a long time they have shown that they are excellent companion animals. They show a state of  alertness that makes them a responsible guardian dog. They can live with other pets in your house if you socialize your dog when it’s a puppy.Cardigans are typically excellent watchdogs



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