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The gestation period of the Chihuahua is about 60 days long. One of the unique characteristic of this breed is that at the moment they’re born, their skull isn’t completely closed, it takes about 6 months for it to close completely, you shouldn’t worry about this, because this is normal.

chihuahua - small dog breeds


Adults,as well as, shouldn’t be left alone in elevated places, given that he’s quite fearless and it’s going to jump down to ground level regardless of height, without caring of the obvious consequences.

This breed doesn’t require intense exercising, but some short walks or leave him in a backyard would be nice, so he can do exercise on it’s own, which is very beneficially.

also remember not to overfeed your dog, overweight will bring undesirable consequences.

Have in mind that the Chihuahua will be your best dog friend, and very faithful. so jealous behavior will be normal, when there are other people around its owner

Small dog breeds.

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