Dangerous dogs: we should not forget that dogs were once wild animals

Dangerous dogs:  what can be done about it?

Some months ago a teenager of only 14 years old was attacked by 5 dogs and killed in the act. Experts started to think about this fact and expressed their thoughts about dangerous dogs.

Aggressive behaviour of a dog

Aggressive behaviour of a dog

We should always have in mind that despite nowadays dogs are family pets they can occasionally be aggressive and display a problematic behavior. It is not the first time that a story about a dog attacking a kid or other animals has come up, some of them fatal some less serious but still this has to stop. As mentioned in lots of articles the dogs behavior is most of the time generated by its owners, if they provided appropriate early training and experiences when puppies so that they grow up to be friendly dogs.

So the first problem is the training owners give to their dogs. Reports reveal that almost one in three dog owners have been bitten or attacked by a dog. Lack of understanding by owners about early stage trainings has caused most behavioral issues resulting in dangerous dogs at old ages.

Socialization is the most important thing to expose your puppy to, these events can and surely will prevent your dog from becoming an aggressive anti-social dangerous dog.

The small dog breeds

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