Does your puppy bites it all?

 And it all begins as a puppy…

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when puppies are growing their teeth, they spent days biting everything they find: furniture, cables, toys, clothes, your hands…

How many times have you avoided punishing your puppy? for damaging the wood of a chair for example. How many times have you found your puppy biting a shoe. Why does he hurt your hand slightly with it’s teeth every time you play with him?

Everything has it’s meaning and logic explanation, it’s mouth is like their hands, and with it they relate to the world. The process of growing their teeth is bothersome, and biting stuff makes this go away. But, what can you do to end this biting madness?

Some advice.

The puppy is going to keep biting, it’s on it’s nature, but you have to train it so it doesn’t bite other stuff; buy them toys for dogs, that are sold in pet stores. You’ll find a wide variety of toys

Try getting different types of toys, like balls, leather bones, rubber toys etc. When you play with it, if you notice that it’s attention is on something else, say firmly and harshly “NO” and show it the toy.

When playing with your puppy, always it bites your hands, make a noise and stop the game. If it insists to keep playing, just say “NO”. It’s fundamental that when you play with your dog, you teach it how to bite and how much, stopping the game always that it bites more than you think it’s ok, and when it does…stay firm with your hand closed, at the same time you say NO and stop the game. Resume playing when the puppy is more calmed. it’s important that you resume the game, not the puppy

This advices are meant to be applied repeatedly. Don’t think that the dog will learn everything the first time, not even the second, or third time… It’s a slow process that requieres a lot of patience and responsability. Your efforts will not be in vane


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