Dog Training, after the SIT command

We will learn the DOWN command

In our previous article Dog Training – Sit Command we learned the first and important command our dog must learn, SIT. Here we can see the sit position learned and the dog being rewarded.



In our first article we also discussed the importance of the positive training method versus the negative one. And we will give you an example of this.

Let’s suppose someone comes to your home, a neighbour, relative or unknown people. Many dogs jump trying to get attention or as a sign of joy because he knows the person, or bark etc. Then you have two options, to begin saying NO and lose control or give the SIT command that your dog already knows and do well. The first reaction is going through the negative side, the SIT is a positive response, and you gain control over the situation.

Every time you need to gain control on a situation, the most simple and effective way is to order your dog to SIT, this is a simple command and reinforces our leadership. Once the dog calmed down, we are again in position to control over the situation.

The DOWN command

This will be a rest position and also submission. The easiest way to start teaching this command is after the dog sat. Being in this position, we will signal with one hand from the dog nose to the floor while saying DOWN in the correct tonal voice and pushig down the dog shoulders.

In this way we are teaching the work DOWN, reinforcing the command with our hand movement in front of the dog, and pushing down to let him understand what we want with this command.

Of course when the command is completed successfully, the praise will follow.

As a second step after several repetitions, will be the DOWN command and our hand signaling without touching our dog. Once this was achieved, we will use only the voice command.

This is simple to say but may take some time depending on each dog, remember, repetition is the rule. In case you feel you are losing focus it is preferable to end the session and resume it later or another day.

Good luck !

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