Dog Training, Come Command

At this point your dog has learned or he is in process to learn the SIT and DOWN commands. Remember that training requires to be patient, and is based on repetition, a positive and assertive attitude on your part, which will be reflected in your dog behavior.

Remember that any time your dog loses concentration or starts to bark or have undesirable attitudes, SIT is a good command to regain control.

Today we will learn the COME command.

Come Command

In this case you cannot touch your dog because he is away from you, so you will need to demonstrate with your actions and your voice tone the meaning of the command. To start say the name of your dog and at the same time the command COME, he will look at you, he doesn’t know what you want him to do. Crouch down and extend your arms in welcome, this will be a clear signal of the target of the command.

Practice it as many times as your dog needs to understand and “remember” the meaning. Never call your dog with COME if this will be followed by something your dog does not like, such as grooming etc.

It is easy and important, remember that your attitude and voice tone when saying the command or name is critical for your dog to understand.

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