Dog Training – the basics

Dog Training – part I

This section will contain several parts to go step by step in the process of traning our dog.

First things first, so let’s start by knowing the characteristics of dogs, first concept to keep in mind is that your dog is not a ‘little human being’, he/she is a dog, feels like a dog and thinks like a dog. So we have to learn to communicate with a dog.

Second point, training begins the very first minute you receive a new puppy, but if you already have your dog begin now, maybe it will take you more time but you will do it.

Third point, not all breeds are equally easy to train, but all are trainable.

Dogs, in the same way as a wolf need an Alpha (the leader) and you need to become the Alpha of your dog(s), and your dog will become your follower. You will train your dog, but all the family must understand and follow the training.

Voice tone will be very important in all the process, command voice tone must differ from the praise voice tone or disapproval voice tone. The first word your dog will and must learn is his name, so you will repeat it many times when “talking” to your dog and with a friendly voice tone. Remember not to say the name when something goes wrong, the dog should not associate his name with any wrong attitude.

As a general rule all command words will be short (like ‘sit’, ‘down’ etc), avoid long sentences that will be the only thing that will confuse the dog.

Having all these points in mind you can begin the traning, enjoy it!

Breeze learning to sit

Breeze learning to sit

The Small Dog Breeds

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