Dog Training, where to start

Having in mind the concepts we introduced in our first post on training, we will need to have a dog collar, not one to hurt the dog but to control him, and a leash, preferable an adjustable leash, please do not use retractable leashes.

Training sessions must be short, let’s say 10 to 15 minutes each one and it can be repeated 2 or 3 times a day. If we try to have longer sesions, the dog will lose focus.

The main and basic commands will be SIT, DOWN, STAY, COME. Commands must be short words and remember that the command must be done in the apropiate voice tone. SIT will be the most important, because if the dog is out of control, or lose focus, sitting is the condition that we will seek to regain control.

We will use a ‘positive‘ training, that is we will praise our dog when he completes our order, so he knows he did what we wanted him to do. Some people us ‘clickers‘, thats an artifact that makes the sound click, so when something is done as expected the trainer ‘click’ to inform the dog and condition the action to the sound. In fact this is not necessary but if you want to use it, then go on. The ‘negative’ trainer would punish the dog when something goes wrong, we need to avoid this situation, if something goes out of control the best thing to do is to order SIT and regain control.

 SIT Command

It’s time to start, and SIT will be the first, easy and important command.

You will say SIT while you hold the leash and push down his rump. With this action you are saying the command we want the dog learn, and at the same time demonstrating the action required. When your dog accept that position praise him. All training requires repetitions, so do this several times, and always praise your dog.

As a second step you will say SIT while just touching his rump but not pushing down. If our dog obeys the command praise him and continue, on the contrary go back to the first kind of demonstration.

After several repetitions or sesions, substitute the touch by just signaling, and the final step is the response by using just the voice command SIT.

It requieres many repetitions depending on each dog, so be patient and repeat the process, command – action- praise.

This will continue… good luck

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