French Bulldog a small domestic dog related to larger bulldogs

French Bulldog a small domestic dog related to larger bulldogs

The French Bulldog is a modern breed but has its history behind, it is known that they descend from an ancient Greek tribe, the molossians. These bulldogs were used for blood sports like bull-baiting, just until it was prohibited in England. So the role of the French bulldog changed to companion dog breed. The toy bulldog became common in England around 1860, these dogs weighed 15 to 26 pounds.


French bulldog puppies look very adorable:

French bulldog puppy - The small dog breeds

French bulldog puppy – The small dog breeds

There are some very noticeable qualities in the French Bulldog, it has a compactly built body, a smooth coat, he’s also very active and intelligent, a muscular dog of heavy bones, sometimes all these qualities mentioned before have a bad impact, for example some people may see this dog breed as deformed or poorly proportioned, because small dog breeds tend to be small, fragile, etc.

Accepted colors of the breed are Shades of brindle, fawn, white with brindle patches, pied. Pied or white with brindle is less common than the other colors. Their skin is very soft, and loose at the head which gives them those well-known wrinkles , the coat is very short and smooth, also brilliant. The French bulldog characterizes for having a big and square head, flat at the top and for having a extremely short nose.

Their eyes are wide apart and set low down in the skull, very far from the ears and with round form, typical color is dark eyes. It has “bat ears”, using this term because of their form, elongated, with round top and broad at the base.

The small dog breeds


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