Do you really want to own a dog?

General aspects and responsibilities of having a dog


When we talk about taking care of your dog and give you tips of how to do so, we expect you to take them as an initial advise to give your dog a happy and healthy life. Acquiring a dog comes with great responsibility, dogs are like children in a way; they need attention, they need to play and have fun, and a nice play to stay, all of this things influence on your dogs behavior when it grows up.

small dog breeds

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You should think about what kind of life could you give to your dog if you were to get one. If you have a busy life and you arrive from work late everyday, maybe it’s not the time to get a pet. Of course it’s nice to have someone waiting for you to arrive and shake it’s tail and everything but a dog’s life is very important too.

As we repeat in almost every article, dogs need to take walks, play with toys, interact with people. So, besides the aspects of food, vet, vaccines and that stuff we write often in our articles, you have to think also on what you can offer to the dog, more than what the dog can offer you.

Giving a happy life to a dog will make you feel happy, and that is the magic that having a dog has… to see how happy your dog is because of you, of what you do for it, of the love you give it constantly…



that’s the essence of a dog, to love and be loved, to be really loyal to it’s owner, but not by fear, instead by respect.

Small dog breeds

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