Getting your dog some extra company

Getting another dog so they don’t feel lonely.

This is a very common advise some vets give you when you get a dog. Maybe your days at work are long and you are not too much time at home, or you just want to give your actual dog a little partner to play with and have some extra fun.

Generally having 2 dogs makes their lifestyles better, since they can interact with you as a human, and with another dog for other kind of interaction that’s different from the one you can offer.

When thinking of having 2 dogs it’s important that you do your research on if they’re friendly with other dogs, and with which breeds they get along. Because with some breeds they may compete for your attention and they could get hurt, we don’t want that.

In most cases all breeds of dogs get along with each other, and having 2 or more dogs, helps them feel better, since they will play together and do stuff that a single dog can’t do.

Final words

If you can afford two or more dogs, and know if they’ll get along, the best thing you can do is to have them. remember that it will be more expensive to give food to two dogs and take them to the vet, but in these situations you’re making a dogs life even happier by your side. Get informed on the breeds you’re putting together and that’s all, what are you waiting to go to the store or to adopt two puppies? time to have fun!

Small dog breeds - dogs playing together

Small dog breeds – dogs playing together

Small dog breeds

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