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Hypoallergenic Breeds?

Are you looking for a dog that will not cause allergies? myths and facts to consider.

First Let’s consider some facts that cause allergy and why. An allergen is any substance that by being ingested or inhaled, cause a reaction of the immune system, this is causing an allergic reaction.

hair and dander

hair and dander

With this in mind we ask in relation to dogs, which is what can cause allergy. Mainly we found hair loss and dandruff.
Thus, these features are the first that we consider when looking for a specific breed. But not everyone reacts the same so you can not make rules ensuring that a dog will cause allergies or not.

Even hairless dogs can not be labeled as hypoallergenic, since there is also shed dander and this in itself can cause allergy.
We must also be clear that when we say hyperallergenic this does not mean they do not cause allergic effects is minimized.
Overall we conclude that those breeds that shed less hair and dander will be most appropriate if you are allergic.
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