Man’s best friend: guide dogs are impressive companions

Are dogs capable of having a friendship with humans?


Guide dogs puppies

Guide dogs puppies

The great majority of guide dog owners have stories about how their dogs know when they are sad, or about to get home and sense a lot of things that sometimes it may sound strange to think about a dog. The reality is that dogs are more capable of feeling than humans could ever imagine.

For blind men, guide dogs are like their eyes, they share a unique bond everyday. With every walk in the park. Nowadays you can see how dogs are helping or assisting people who have disabilities or illnesses, it is very encouraging and inspiring from my point of view.

Would you trust a dog with your life? Well, certainly a lot of people do. For example there is a story about a girl who has diabetes and every time she is going to have a diabetic hypo the dog let his mother know in advance so she can act quick enough avoiding reaching to dangerous levels. How can these skills be true? The truth is we do not know, it is impressive but yet a mystery to be solved. This was just an example, diabetes is not the only condition dogs can handle.

If this did not impress you, then maybe that now humans are trying to train dogs to detect a very serious condition in humans… cancer. Yet this idea is very new and not implemented yet.

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