Pembroke Welsh Corgi A well Known breed by all of us Pt III

Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Temperament

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Pembroke Welsh Corgis love to be around the family, they are very affectionate with family members and friends. A usual behavior is to follow their owner everywhere, because this kind of breed is very love dependent from their owner. Another common thing is for them to find every way possible to make you happy, they love to please their loved ones, also very motivated to learn new tricks and ways to communicate with their owner.

As mentioned before, these are very intelligent dogs; however they can be stubborn sometimes. Because of their intelligence is that these dogs are very easy to train. Besides their most known function as a herding dog, they have a high level of alertness which makes them a good option when you live in a big house when thinking of security.

pembroke welsh corgi brown black white puppy - smalldogbreeds

Pembroke welsh corgi brown black white puppy – smalldogbreeds

Most Pembrokes will usually seek the attention of everyone they meet, sometimes they can be a little annoying when you invite new friends to your house, but it’s important for them to socialize, most important when they are puppies, so when grown they don’t act like an anti-social dog, and so you can avoid attacks from your dog to other people or animals.

As mentioned in older posts, these are herding dogs, and so they like to chase anything that moves, you can use this to have fun with your dog, like throwing balls, or sticks, that way you can make it do exercise while having fun. It’s important to have them inside a perimeter because of their loving into chasing things, this can make your dog run away just for fun and accidents may happen, so be careful.

You have to take care of their playful biting, when puppies they may nip at your ankle to get your attention, you should train your dog not to do that, this becomes easier if done when very young and be consistent in their older ages.

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