Poodle very smart and commonly elegant dog

Poodle very smart and commonly elegant dog

This dog is very popular but it gained its popularity honorably, the Poodles were bred as a water dog, to develop skills that involves water. But the Poodle didn’t just stop there, it is a very agile and obedient dog. It also out stands in many dog sports, tracking and herding in some cases.

About the size, it’s commonly found in toy, miniature and standard size, coming with a variety of coat colors.


Poodle miniature puppies - the small dog breeds

Poodle miniature puppies – the small dog breeds


As mentioned in the title the Poodle is an elegant dog, also active and intelligent. It has a well-proportioned body. It has very dark eyes in an oval shape. Also their expression is very intelligent and with a high state of awareness. Its ears fold over close to the head. It presents a harsh coat when speaking of texture and dense throughout. It comes in various colors, like sable, cream, red, silver beige, apricot, brown silver, black, gray, phantom and brindle. Only solid-colored Poodles are accepted. The coat comes in solid colors like silvers, brown, grays, blues, cafe-au-laits.

Poodles have dark shiny noses, dark toenails and dark amber eyes. Usually black blue gray cream and white and silver Poodles have black noses. Other colors have liver-colored noses, this breed has to approve various quality tests, for example, incomplete color of nose or any other small detail is considered a major fault. Unlike most dogs previously viewed, the Poodle doesn’t present a double coat, but a Single layer coat (no undercoat).

The small dog breeds

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