Shetland Sheepdog part 2

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The original sheepdog was a Spitz-type dog similar to actual Icelandic sheepdog, these dogs were crossed with working collies and then with rough collies. Most of the crossed breeds are now extinct. They first were called Shetland Collies, name that upset Rough Collie breeders. Because of that the name was then changed to Shetland Sheepdog during the early 20th century

d Sheepdog puppy

d Sheepdog puppy


Their ears should bend slightly or tip, which contributes to the popular “Sheltie Expression”. The ears usually have the top third tipped


Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog

As mentioned in part one, Shelties have a double coat, the most exterior coat is filled with long straight and water repellant hair, this helps them keep warm in cold weathers . The undercoat is furry and very dense, this coat also helps to keep the dog warm. The coat should be shed twice a year, commonly at spring and autumn. Shaving Shelties is very bad for their skin and sometimes they don’t regrow the hair that’s been shaved.


The Shetland is intelligent, playful, lively, trainable and willing to please and obey its master. They are very loving dogs, loyal and affectionate with people that are close to them. It may be aloof with strangers, for this reason they must be socialized when young. The Shelties may be reserved to strangers but they are very brave dogs, they don’t show any fear. They do well with children if grown together when its a puppy, but watch over their time together because of the small size of the dog, it could get injured easily


shetland sheepdog

shetland sheepdog

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