Taking care of your Beagle


Taking care of your Beagle

The beagle is a breed that doesn’t require a lot of special caring. the fact of having short hair eliminates the intensive hair caring, however brushing your dog once or twice a week is never a bad choice.

We should remember that for being a typically hunting breed, this dogs will like to go and explore every corner it finds, be around plants, or whatever it finds that wakes its curiosity. therefore it will be more exposed to dirt so every once in a while a bath is recommended.

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The ears, something to have in mind.

Like all breeds with long ears that falls to the sides of its head, this is something to have in mind, humidity and dirt are common problems in their ears. It’s short hair minimizes this problem a bit, but a periodical cleaning of their ears is recommended

Since it’s origins are to be a hunting breed, it needs daily exercise, this is important with all kinds of dog breeds, but when it comes to the beagle it’s really important to let him or make him do exercise.



A Beagle can eat all day long if allowed, so it’s recommended that you feed them according to the exercise in can do in a day. It’s important not to overfeed it, because this breeds can gain weight very easy. Use balanced foods.

Pay a visit to the vet

Vaccine and removing parasites is mandatory as with every breed. You should not forget to take your dog to the vet with certain regularity. You can ask the vet to take a look at their ears too if you think your dog’s caught something.

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