Taking care of your Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier


Taking care of your Yorkshire Terrier

The gestation period of the Yorkshire Terrier lasts about 60 days and it’s normal for it to have between one and five puppies. The Yorkshire has normally a long life expectancy, between 12 and 15 years, resulting in less years in those that are really smaller than usual.

By its characteristics one of its obvious cares is the Hair, It requires daily grooming and brushing , doing so the hair will maintain in a nice looking way, good aspect and without noddles . If you decide not to do this, once the noddles appear you’ll have to cut them off, and this will affect the dog’s appearance and won’t look good and neat. When bathing, you shouldn’t leave the dog to dry by itself with time, instead you need to dry it with towels and brushing. Weekly bathing is advised.

We should cut it’s hair periodically, for aesthetic reasons, for example, to avoid that the hair grows so much that touches the ground. also for the comfort and caring of your pet.

It is common to see them with a ribbon above it’s head, not only for the aesthetics but to avoid its hair to cover the dog’s eyes and cause infections that are commonly seen in this breed

It’s important to take care with the ears hair, you should cut it on the inside and outside, this will avoid parasites and bad smell.

This is also important to maintain the ears raised. because if not cut the hair weight will ruin this raised ears provoking them to lower their ears to the side of their heads. deviating the main characteristic of the breed.

Yorkshire Terrier - small dog breeds

Yorkshire Terrier

Exercising your dog is a good practice to have in mind, and the Yorkshire isn’t the exception to this rule, so Enjoy your free time with him taking long walks.


The nutrition must be done using balanced dog food. You can find on the market different types of food orientated to different breeds and size. Remember not to overfeed your dog, overweight will bring undesired consequences . You should consider not feeding him human food, this is an unhealthy practice and may provoke bad consequences to your dog, remember that our dog isn’t human and what we like to eat isn’t necessarily what our Yorkshire needs.

As a final advise, remember to take your dog to the vet and vaccinate the dog, also deworm. Cutting the nails periodically is advised, also taking care of it’s teeth

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