To eat or not to eat – why to have a Breakfast

Breakfast and effectiveness

In principle, appears unrelated to have fed the dog to improve the ability to find hidden food as opposed to those dogs that were not fed previously.

Based on studies showing that children have better cognitive performance if they have eaten breakfast, two researchers sought to verify the behavior of dogs to determine if the same behavior occurred.
where is my breakfast

where is my breakfast

Research by Dr. Holly Miller and his colleague Charlotte Bender was published in the journal Behavioural Processes, which analyzes this issue.
Thus trained domestic dogs were used to search for a particular food hidden in a container part of  a group of six containers.

Part of the dogs were fed 30 minutes before the test while other dogs were not fed at all.
To level the energy state, dogs previously had to go through an exercise of self-control “sit and stay” according to the BBC reporting.
The test was successful proving that those dogs that had eaten his breakfast 30 minutes before the test, were more effective at finding the hidden food.

This fact can be applied and observed when you need to complete a particular task with your dog, by having this proved behavior in mind.
In case you are interested in deeper detail on the subject, check out the BBC article and other related items you’ll find there.

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