Yorkshire Terrier

Small dog breeds

Yorkshire Terrier

Characteristics and origins.

The Yorkshire Terrier breed is a breed created through crossbreeding  by the end of the year 1800 in England.

Currently it’s one of the most popular breeds as a companion dog given its features. It’s a small dog, generally weighing 3 kg or less and with a height between 12 and 16 inches. It has long hair that falls to both sides and requires daily brushing and combing to keep in optimal conditions.

The Yorkshire Terrier has, despite its small size, a compact appearance that along its vivacious and always attentive gaze gives it distinctive features. Its ears are small and raised, and along with its eyes they give it the trademark look of this breed.


Yorkshire Terrier - small dog breeds

                       Yorkshire Terrier


The Yorkshire Terrier is typicaly a companion dog, He adapts very well when it comes to living with a family, and he’ll always look for your company although he doesn’t stay still for much time. Walks are really good for the Yorkshire Terrier, it’s a very trainable dog, he can recognize many comands, but it’s not very advisable to take it without a leash on the street because he’ll most likely run if he sees another animals. Like many other small dog breeds, this dog won’t be afraid to face a bigger dog.

This dog as we said before, adapts when it comes to living with a family, however, he won’t play with very young children. He’ll also show some shyness with strangers that enter your home at the beginning.

Overall the Yorkshire Terrier is a good breed to have living in a house.

Small dog breeds.

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